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    Written by | August 2nd, 2018

    Cheap and Easy Summer Home Projects

    Home maintenance is a lot like going to the gym, work it into your routine, because the penalty for not doing it, is worse than the job itself. Fortunately, Summer gives you a chance to repair damage, protect your home and keep its curb appeal to the world looking bright.

    A fresh coat of paint to the outside of your house doesn’t just make your home look great, it’s also a protective skin against UV light and moisture.

    Clear Gutters
    Clearing the gutter can be one of those jobs we tend to put off – but it’s essential if you want to prevent water damage to your roof and the walls of your house. Selecting the right ladder is key to staying safe. If you live in a bungalow, a stepladder may be adequate, but in any house two storeys or higher, you’ll want an aluminium extension ladder. Don’t forget to get all your measurements before committing to a product.

    Fix Concrete Cracks
    If you have a concrete driveway, patio or path you know that the Winter months can be brutal on these areas. The constant freezing and melting can contribute to cracks. If left unattended, these cracks will get wider with each successive Winter. If the crack is small, buy concrete caulk, simply clean out the crack with a pressure washer and apply the caulk, if the cracks are large, then you’ll need to apply concrete patch.

    Upgrade or Replace Windows
    There are several reasons to do consider replacing your windows when it’s warm. First, you won’t be letting in chilly drafts that will force you to pump up your heat — and therefore your heating bill! This is especially true if you’re replacing multiple windows. Secondly, caulk adheres better in the warmer weather than it does in the freezing cold. Finally, there’s what’s builders call the “movement of the substrate.” Some materials — particularly vinyl and aluminium — expand in warm weather and contract in the cold. If you or your builder caulk your windows when the weather is too cold, the caulk could crack and split when the materials eventually contract because of temperature drop.

    Revive Weathered Garden Furniture or Fencing
    Many of us feel a bit run down after the long and cold winter, so we shouldn’t be too surprised if our outdoor furniture is in a similar condition. To prepare for sunny spring days in the garden, make sure to give it a spruce up. For wooden furniture, use a stiff wire brush to scrub down any splintered wood or chipped paint. Any larger splinters can be glued back using strong, waterproof glue. Then cover damaged areas such as cracks or holes with a wood filler, using a putty knife, and let the wood filler dry overnight before using a sandpaper to smoothen out the patches to make them less visible. Once done, wipe down the whole surface using a damp cloth and then you’re ready to start the fun part! Apply one layer of exterior primer using brush strokes in the same direction as the wood grain. Once this is dry, you are ready to apply a layer of exterior paint, again painting in the direction of the grain. When choosing your paint, you could give your garden a new lease of life, and turn your furniture into an attention-grabbing feature, by opting for a bright, quirky colour. All you need then is some sunny days to enjoy the fruits of your efforts outdoors.

    Internal Painting And Wallpaper
    Painting the interior part of a home is best carried out during the summer days as it gives you the advantage of opening all your windows for proper ventilation and drying. This idea gives you the opportunity to retain or change the colour of your home interior to the colour of your choice while being creative with colours. Repainting the entire part of your house can be costly and tedious. However, strategically touching up some parts of your home interior will save you time and money. Simply covering up the dirty spots on your wall will do the job but the colour must match the existing one. The new appearance and feelings a new paint and wallpapers will create to spruce up your home cannot be overemphasized.

    Upgrade Your Kitchen
    During a kitchen renovation, the builder will kick you out of the space to complete the job. So, what will you do about eating meals? During the summer months, that is a problem solved by a small refrigerator in another room of the house, a tiny prep area, a few disposable dishes, and a nice grill. Enjoy the great outdoors and have dinner al fresco every night while the kitchen is out of commission.

    Many homeowners find that some home upgrades are best completed during the warm summer months. The weather is much nicer, builders have longer daylight hours in which to work, schedules tend to slow down, and labour costs might be lower. Remember that these projects are just a sampling of home improvements to do during the summer. Caulking windows, trimming trees, or repairing fences are just a few of the other options you have during the long, lazy days of summer. Start your planning early for those long weekends and enjoy your new renovations before the autumn leaves fly.

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