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10 Ways To Make Sure You Stay On Budget For Your Building Project

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People may consider that the most essential component in redesign is the house itself, and they are on the right track to a degree, without the first open door there can be no development. Be that as it may, truth be told, the most imperative part of any task of this nature is the budget, without which no feasible move can even be made to secure the house.

 Budget, budget budget!
In theory spending money on a quality renovation instead of cheating out the necessary funds will magically appear, but in reality we know this isn’t true, so make sure you do your homework to keep on track of costs

 Do Your Homework

Talk to a friend who has been through a similar renovation, do as much window shopping and cost-comparisons that you can do. Make sure you tack on at least an extra 20% for those inevitable issues that will spring up. Check your budget with your builder or architect regularly to make sure you’re on track. Finally don’t borrow to renovate if you can. A renovation is much more satisfying if you save up the necessary funds before you renovate.

 Find The Right Building Contractor

We’ve all heard the horror stories, the best building contractors can be found through word of mouth. But if you can’t come up with a good referral, then look online and ask for references before you sign any agreements

 Be Realistic

Be realistic about what you can accomplish based on your budget resources and your existing home. Is it essential that you have a brand new kitchen right now, over rewiring old electrics which are an essential part of your home.

 It’s All In The Details

Make sure you have a list or multiple lists for each room, and make sure that you confirm and reconfirm that everything has been ordered and delivered to avoid any hiccups with your renovation project.

 Get Advice
Now you’ve talked to the experts, gotten referrals and drawn up your plans, have one more chat with friends or family who have gone through the renovation experience. Try to be as thorough as possible. You could potentially save thousands of pounds having good friends take a look at your plans and assess them from an objective point of view, do you really need a double bath or would a standard size bath be adequate if you have a separate shower fitted.

 Don’t Have Any Regrets

Renovating can be stressful and if you carefully follow the previous steps you should be more than prepared. Don’t send guess choices once they’ve been made, paid for and installed.

 Renovate For The Future
Trends are for accessorising, not for renovating. A rule of thumb for renovating is that doing a high-quality job in a classic style is exactly that, classic. If you invest in quality finishes now, you won’t regret it. Don’t be a slave to fashion, how will those olive-green appliances look in twenty years. Basic white appliances and bathrooms sets are timeless and will never go out of fashion.

 Regularly Speak To Your Building Contractor

Your builder will tell you, you only need to visit once a week. Don’t believe them, you need to visit every day, unless you have an incredibly trustworthy person to oversee your renovation. Certainly don’t go on holiday or avoid the site. Mistakes can be made and you need to be there to react to them, the longer a mistake goes unseen, the more expensive it will be to change it.

 Have Fun & Enjoy
It’s not all doom and gloom, at the end of the day there’s nothing more rewarding than watching a space be transformed by good design decisions and great workmanship. Better still is the day when the word is done and you can enjoy the results in the peace and quiet of your new home.

8 Things You Can Do, No Planning Permission Required

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If you’re planning on renovating, remodeling, or extending your home you may not have to go through a lengthy process for planning permission. Many home improvement projects can be done under permitted development rights.

What Are Permitted Development Rights?

They derive from a general planning permission granted not by the local authority but by Parliament. Bear in mind that the permitted development rights which apply to many common projects for houses do not apply to flats, maisonettes or other buildings. You will however need to follow Building Regulations guidance for some aspects such as structural elements and electrical works.

Moving Doors & Windows
You don’t require planning permission to replace or add new windows in the original walls of your house, you may need permission if conditions were attached to the original permission. Double glazing for example can be installed under PD, providing the building is not listed. For new or bigger windows or doors you will need to follow BR guidance. Also bear in mind that bay windows are classed as extensions.

 Using Attached Buildings

If you wish to alter the internal space of a garage for example such as incorporating an integral garage you can do so under PD providing you are not increasing the overall footprint of the dwelling.

Single Storey Extensions

Do not require planning permission providing the extension maintains the following guidelines. The extension does not sit forward of the principal elevation, materials used should be similar. Where it is within 2m of any boundary, the eaves cannot be higher than 3m, and no more than 4m in height otherwise. With rear extensions they should be no more than 4m in depth for a detached house or 3m in depth for a semi or terrace. Side extension the width of the extensions must not be greater than half the width of the original dwelling.

 Loft Conversions
Loft conversions provide a great opportunity to create additional space and may not require planning permission. PD allows for the construction of dormer windows, which would provide additional headroom within a converted attic. The windows must not sit higher than the highest part of your original existing roof however.

 Two Storey Extensions
A two storey extension can only be built under PD if it is at the rear of the property. In addition, your two storey extension must not exceed 3m in depth or be within 7m of the rear boundary.

Conservatories fall under the same restrictions as single storey extensions as they often tend to be fairly modest in size, they can be built without the need for planning.

 Sheds & Outbuildings
Where you have a larger plot, there may be opportunities to build multiple outbuildings under PD, providing the total area covered by such buildings/enclosures does not exceed 50% of the total area of the curtilage. This 50% should take into account any extensions, but not the area covered by the main house. 


If your property does not provide you with sufficient opportunities to develop extensions to your home above ground, have you ever considered building a basement. This would provide you with extra internal space, without reducing the size of your garden. It was recently decided that basements could be PD under Class A of the General Permitted Development Order. However, PD does not allow for engineering works.

 While this blog provides a summary of what you may be able to do under Permitted Development, you should always check with the Local Planning Authority to ensure you do not require planning permission, to avoid further expense and problems further down the line.

10 Great Bathroom Design Ideas  

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When you are planning the perfect bathroom don’t overlook the little things that make your house a home. Take a look at this selection of 15 design solutions to create a truly unique bathroom regardless of size.

Splash Of Colour

Sticking to an all white bath will keep it feeling airy and bright. For a modern touch pull in some modular storage pieces. Want some colour? Choose an eye-popping bright shower curtain.

Statement Piece

inviting unique pieces of furniture into your bathroom can add personality to your space. A display cabinet or dresser can hold towers and extras like shampoo, soap and the ever important toilet rolls.

Tile Magic

For a cool and rejuvenating vibe surround your bath with floor to ceiling tiles in coloured tiles, make it bright and vibrant with a splash of magenta or spearmint for a relaxing sea of green.

Shades Of Grey

A narrow space thrives on consistency pairing white with grey gives the space a modern look. Large squared tiles will fool the eye into believing the space is larger than it actually is. Keep accents minimal so the room feels sleek and uncluttered.

Modern Approach

While a monochromatic black and white bathroom is contemporary, it’s also invigorating. Floor to ceiling tiles provide a fresh twist, be smart with storage space by hanging a rack for towels.

Consider Usage

Before making any big decision think about how your bathroom will be used. If it will be a space for escaping to and relaxing a stunning freestanding roll top bath says serenity now.

Time For Reflection

When you think of a rejuvenating bath, blue immediately springs to mind. Opt for a mosaic tiled shower wall to feel open, refreshing and cool. Ascent pieces in chrome are sleek and modern choices.

Stuck For Space

A sleek pedestal sink helps a tight space feel more expansive. A glazed brick approach offers an unexpected decorative touch. An oversized mirror will trick the eye into the illusion of more space and create additional light.

Wow With Wallpaper

Wallpaper adds an attractive splash of colour to any bathroom especially when paired with a freestanding sink and modern style mirror.

Down With The Kids

When it comes to a bathroom for the kids, make design decisions that are functional and playful. Mosaic tiles keep the room feeling fresh and cool. White for top portions of the walls and ceiling brightens the room. Utilising the walls for storage is a smart use of space, especially for large families.

Entire Houze provide customised and bespoke luxury bathrooms to your specification. Be it an entire installation, fitting, tiling or plumbing. Following an initial free consultation, we will provide you with a range of options and designs and turn your vision into a stylish reality.


Design / Style Tips For Decorating Your Living Room On A Budget

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Revamping your home decor doesn’t have to be a major project nor a costly expense. Here are some suggestions to give your rooms a fresh look without breaking a sweat or the bank.

Update lampshades with more contemporary shapes in simple neutral shades, such an easy and simple fix, it really will transform your room.

Painting is the simple fix to transforming any room, but instead of repainting a whole room, just paint one wall in a focal colour or paint a contrasting rectangle over a sofa to use as a gallery space. Paint can also be added to the insides of bookshelves or units in an unexpected colour or paint your ceiling a lighter version of the wall colour you choose. All these small changes will make a real difference to the feel of any room.

Updating your window dressings doesn’t have to mean a complete overhaul of your curtains, just changing something as simple as your curtain pole or tie backs can make a big difference to your windows overall look.

Pulling a room together by choosing two contrast colours like black and white or white and a bright colour like purple and repeating the theme throughout with a contrasting wall or pillows on a sofa will give your room a really modern stylish feel.

Consider your clutter, too many home decor accessories can really make a room look small, try boxing them all away and getting them out one by one to see which ones have the most impact, as they say less is more.

Artwork can be a real focus point in any room, and with bright and colourful canvas’s available at low cost stores you needn’t break the bank bringing life to your living space. If you have existing paintings try moving them around to different walls or rooms, it will be like seeing them for the first time.

Light can also be maximised in any darker room by hanging a framed mirror directly opposite the window.

Trying to complete a decorating project on a shoestring budget isn’t easy. But, with a commitment of time an effort, it can be done. Use these tips to get you started. Don’t be afraid to run with them and really make your interior design your own. At the end of the day, what’s most important is that you are happy and comfortable in your current living space.pjimage (18)

The Benefit Of A Loft Conversion

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pjimage (1)

Add value to your home

Loft conversions are one of the best ways to invest in your home. Experts claim that a good conversion can increase the value of your home by an average of £20,876 – meaning that the average loft conversion has an ROI of around 200{6c4b9d3d2fdca7ad57bef894ec04e07a5922904b84f863aa9c3468340681c776}. No other home improvement comes close, with extensions only adding an average of £16,000 to each property and cost considerably more to complete.


Avoid moving costs and upheaval
Traditionally ways to increase the number of bedrooms is to move. One of the major benefits of a loft conversion is that you stay in the same area, avoiding the need to modify your commute, school catchment area, the cost of moving your families possessions, and the ordeal and stress of moving home. Stamp duty itself is often equal to the cost of an entire loft conversion so you achieve significant savings here too.


Increase space
One of the main reasons people choose to move house is to increase the space in their home. A well planned loft extension will improve your storage space and provide extra living space for you and your family. Your immediate options include a home office, an extra bedroom (with an ensuite bathroom / shower room, a children’s play area or games room.


Improve your views
Most homeowners are used to looking at other houses on their street, they’re amazed by the new views they have once their loft conversion is completed. Being higher up means that you can survey your area from a new perspective.


Increase daylight
Velux windows or even dormers let in more light as they’re less likely to be blocked by houses, trees and other obstacles that stop your other windows from letting in the maximum amount of sunshine. Your loft conversion windows will enjoy longer hours of daylight due to their height positioning and angles.


Entire Houze pride ourselves in our expertise in loft conversions and customer reviews reveal that we offer a quality service that’s unmatched by our rivals.


We offer a no obligation quote and will come to your property and measure your loft and give you advice on how to transform it and increase the value of your property.


Loft Conversion Plans Whether you desire a new playroom or games room for the kids and family to enjoy some quality time, or have plans to turn it into a bedroom and rent it out, we can make this a reality for you. We have turned many lofts from lifeless enclosures into beautiful spaces that owners now live in and store their goods.

Entire Houze – Five things to consider before tackling home renovation

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Renovating your home can be thrilling and when the results are exactly what you wanted, there’s nothing more satisfying. But they can also be stressful and costly, in both time and money. Here are five things to consider before undergoing a renovation, whether the job is big, or small.

Understand the law
In 2005 the government introduced electrical safety rules across England and Wales that state any fixed electrical installation work carried out in the home must meet building regulations and be completed by a certified electrician.

If you decide to fit your own windows, you’ll be breaking the law unless you have a FENSA certificate. This is documentary evidence that the installation work has been self-certified as complying with building regulations. (Any double-glazing company you use will also need to produce this certificate.)

Internal renovations, such as new staircases or knocking down walls, will also need to adhere to building regulations. If you’re making major renovations that will alter the structure of your home, you may have to apply for planning permission from your local authority – usually at a cost of around £1,000.

In October 2008, however, the government relaxed the rules on this. Now some renovations, such as loft conversions, don’t require planning permission, so long as the work falls within certain criteria.

Full details, as well as the process and costs of applying, are available at planningportal.gov.uk.

Beware Of Building Cowboys

Finding a reputable builder to carry out work can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. The most obvious way to reduce the chances of encountering an unscrupulous builder is by using a firm belonging to a trade body.

Under Budgeting
Once you’ve established what work needs to be done, you’ll need to spend almost as long on the planning and budgeting as on the renovation itself. Under-budgeting is by far the single most common mistake people make when they embark on home improvements, so do your homework and keep within your means.

Leasehold Property

If your property is leasehold even if planning permission is granted and building regulations are met, you’ll still need to get the official green light from the freeholder before you can go ahead with major renovations.

Making major alterations to your home will prompt the need to review your buildings insurance cover, which is calculated on how much it will cost to rebuild your home rather than its market value. So make sure you update insurers with any changes, before the dust settles. If you have failed to disclose a new extension which shows signs of subsidence, you won’t be covered.



Four Types of home renovation which ones will boost the value of your Property?

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Entire Houze – Four Types of home renovation which ones will boost the value of your Property?

Home improvements can breathe new life into a property and ultimately add more value.

You could spend thousands increasing the value of your property but which would give your home’s value the biggest boost? North London builders Entire Houze take a closer look here.

A study by the National Association of Estate Agents in 2015 uncovered the top home enhancements that could increase the value of your property.

Kitchen Installation North London

Most people consider the kitchen to be the heart of the home, and because of this, updates in this room pay off. Get the biggest bang for your buck on a kitchen installation by looking at colour. Fresh paint, in modern colours, can go a long way towards updating the look of your kitchen. Done well you could look to recoup 60-120{6c4b9d3d2fdca7ad57bef894ec04e07a5922904b84f863aa9c3468340681c776} on your kitchen remodelling.


Bathroom Installation North London

If your home only has one bathroom, you can recoup a large chunk of your investment by adding another one. When it comes to finding room in your house for an extra bathroom, take a look at any extra rooms or under-utilised spaces. Consider other spaces, such as storage cupboards or areas under the stairs. Adding an additional bathroom shows a return of 80-130{6c4b9d3d2fdca7ad57bef894ec04e07a5922904b84f863aa9c3468340681c776} on what you invest.


Home Extensions North London

Extensions can vary hugely, from two-story ones that double a house in size to the expansion of an additional ground floor room. A home extension done well that includes additional rooms in a way that is thoughtful to your home or changes its character soundly can be a noteworthy offering point – and one you can appreciate for a long time as a owner.


A Change Of Space

Including an additional room can add around 9 to 10{6c4b9d3d2fdca7ad57bef894ec04e07a5922904b84f863aa9c3468340681c776} value to your home. It is critical to not eat into living space to do it, but rather if there is space to venture into your space you could get a respectable return – and some quite required additional space, for example converting a garage, or a loft conversion


Depending on the size and the location of your property, you should expect to pay £15,000 for a small loft conversion or £25,000 to £40,000 for a big one.


2016 Interior Design

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After a year as stylish as 2015 its hard to believe 2016 could compete in the world of interior design, but if predictions are correct we are in for quite a treat. Here at Entire Houze we’ve compiled our favourite five.

STAINLESS STEEL – Colour appliances seem to change very few years but this year is the year of sleek stainless steel appliances in your kitchen, the trend of the future.

FORMAL DINING ROOMS – More and more people are opting to keep their formal dining rooms instead on favouring home offices and second lounges

MISMATCHED CABINETS – Add a splash of colour and creativity to your kitchen with a mismatched cabinet. Whether a touch of colour or texture, make your new kitchen really stand out with this bold design statement.

STATEMENT BATHROOM MIRRORS – Out with old square and rectangular mirrors and in with some statement shaped mirrors for your bathroom in 2015. There is no doubt that this small design choice can set you apart from the rest in terms of style and design.

TECH-LESS LIVING ROOMS – More and more families are looking to remove all technical gadgets from family rooms or larger living rooms to ensure family time can be just that.

Entire Houze we take great pride in our home design services. We cover the full range of interior design needs, from wall covering, ceilings and lighting to doors, windows and all fixtures and fittings that give your home its distinct personality. We offer a full range of colours and designs to suit your personal taste.

Formal Dinning Rooms


Mismatched Cabinets

Stainless Steel

Statement Bathroom Mirrors

Anthony Shubrook, London

Entire Houze team did an excellent job. They were always on time, were polite and kept the site clean. The roof was tested after repair to ensure it is water tight. The walls were well constructed and finished. A very good job at a fair price.

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